Thursday, 13 June 2013

A very Asian Breakfast

This morning, I settled for a Japanese style morning breakfast of Miso soup and rice.  You may think it is slightly out of context for a Thai restaurant blog but my point is that not only Thai people think rice is an important component of the day.

Breakfast is essentially like any other meal of the day and rice can be eaten in it's many forms.  The main difference is some Thai people may have Rice leftover from the day before.

                                                            What do they do with this rice?
They make Rice Porridge (of course!), the old rice is boiled with water in a pan until a sort of soup like consistency and can be eaten with fried meat, boiled egg and fresh vegetables.

I know a friend of mine, who work in an English cafe in the mornings.  Often eat this for breakfast with pieces of fried English sausages!

Question:  What do you normally have for breakfast?

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